Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Very First Comic Book

Was this early '60s Dell comic by Katy Keene creator Bill Woggon the first comic book I owned? It's the earliest I remember reading, earlier even than the Tintin graphic novel I read when I was five or six.

I found this copy at World's Greatest Comics in Westerville: As soon as I opened the book, all the images looked as familiar as if I had just read the book yesterday.
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Simplexity Gallery Exhibit @Wild Goose Creative

Many thanks to all my friends, family and art lovers who attended my exhibit last month. I appreciate the love and the support! I especially need to thank Wild Goose Creative, who's given me so many opportunities to exhibit work by myself and others and who is a real force for good in the Columbus-area arts scene!
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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Magazines I've Read Recently, November 24, 2011

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Getcha Goetta SPACE Jam Heah!

A jam page, passed around this year's SPACE convention, celebrating the Cincinnati foodie favorite Goetta.

Unfortunately, I don't know all the artists who worked on this page, but I'm seeing Steve Willis in panel 1, Colin Upton in panel 3 and Matt Feazell in the last panel. I drew the Garbo panel. Bruce Chrislip's probably in there, too.

Click on the art for a larger view.

Read more about Goetta here:
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Friday, November 18, 2011

Comics I've Read Recently, November 18, 2011

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The Signifiers #1 Reviewed in Comics Buyer's Guide

The Signifiers #1 was favorably reviewed (three stars) by Ray Sidman in the most recent issue of Comics Buyer's Guide, #1685, January, 2012.

Thanks, CBG!
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Pics from Comic Book Night at Kafe Kerouac

Cartoonists Max (Blink) Ink (waving) and Jonathon Riddle.


Ray Tomczak, Barb, and Matt Wyatt, admiring the art gallery.

Hanging out before the contests start.

Ian Hummel, Master of Ceremonies (on the left) and master of books Jack of Kafe Kerouac.

The Write-Your-Own-Caption contest. Molly Durst on the far left, Nix publisher Ken Eppstein on the right.

Get ya Wonder Woman Bag heah!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coma Con

Comic fans who live near L.A. should check out cartoonist Javier Hernandez' Coma Con this Saturday, where the books The Coma and The Art of the Coma will be making their debut.

If you like cosmic, fun comic book goodness, check out this book:

Shameless disclaimer: I inked the cover excellently penciled by Javier and colored by Mort Todd!
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Comics I've Read Recently, November 16, 2011

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Larry Blake Returns to Columbus!

Cartoonist, publisher and ultimate KISS fan Larry Blake was selling collectables and original art at this past weekend's Record, CD & Music Memorabilia Show.

Check out Larry's contributions to this beautfully produced hardcover history of KISS fanzines:

You can also check out Larry's work in the new 5 Star Comics #1:

The Facebook page for the Columbus Record Show:
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World's Greatest Comics

World's Greatest Comics, in Westerville, Ohio, now has a new website with timely specials and a convention schedule. WGC has the largest selection of Golden Age and Silver Age comics in central Ohio, with many comics 25% or 50% off - every day!

Pull customers receive 20% off of ordered books and comics. World's Greatest Comics also carries my Signifiers series, Max Ink's new Blink collection and the locally-published rock'n'roll horror anthology Nix Comics Quarterly.

Check out the shop. Check out the website:

World's Greatest Comics on Facebook:

World's Greatest Comics on Twitter:!/WGComics
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steranko and Allen Bellman at the Cincinnati Comic Expo

Steranko's very nice poster for the Cincinnati Comic Expo this last September.

A print I purchased from comics pioneer Allen Bellman at the con. He worked on Captain America in the early '40s and is still going strong!

An aside: the Cincinnati Comic Expo is an excellent show, reminiscent of what the Mid-Ohio Con used to before it got Shamus-sized.
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