Monday, April 30, 2012

Calvin and Hobbes Card

This is for Ian, who's reading Calvin and Hobbes for the first time: a hand-drawn Bill Watterson-sent envelope.
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The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Blog

The OSU Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum has started a lively blog reporting on their acquisitions and events, complete with Twitter feed. The library holds the worlds largest collection of cartoon art.

Recent blog entries have covered the birthday of comics historian Bill Blackbeard (the above drawing is by one of my favorite cartoonists, the great Alfredo Alcala), original art by Alfred Andriola and visiting cartoonists Matt Madden and Derf.

Check out and bookmark the blog here:
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

SPACE 2012 Photo Gallery

Tom Scioli had many fans lining up to purchase the first American Barbarian collection.

Part of one of my two tables full of merchandise for sale at the show.

Steven Hager and Bruce Rosenberger of Dutchy Digest.

Kathleen, Ian and Jeff Cannell plan their comic buying route.

Dimestore publisher Ian Shires.

Dan Taylor of Weird Muse.

Longtime self-publisher Larry Blake.

Cartoonist/historian Bruce Chrislip and Tim Fuller.

Publisher Ken Eppstein and Bob Ray Starker of Nix Comics Quarterly.

Cartoonist and rock poster designer Matt Wyatt.

Cartoonist Michael Carroll.

Matt Feazell.

Max Ink, of Blink.

Adele and Verl Holt Bond.

SPACE maestro Bob Corby.

Sunday morning. The room's quieter and dealers are wandering in to helm their tables.

Tom Williams, of Columbus' PANEL collective, on the left.

Canada Keck, coordinator of the A Bowl Full of Happiness anthology.

Danny Cooper (?) of Mutant Cactus conversing with Frank Cvetkovik.

Rafer Roberts, creator of Plastic Farm.

Terence Hanley, publisher of Five Star Comics.

James Moore, Katie Valeska and Joel Jackson of 2 Headed Monster Comics.

Sue Olson, of the Sunday Comix group.
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Ze Unconscious Mind

From a The End story written and drawn for Silver Comics #8.
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Friday, April 27, 2012


Pencils from The Signifiers #2.
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Tom Scioli American Barbarian Sketch

...drawn by Tom inside my copy of the American Barbarian book. Thanks, Tom!
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Monday, April 23, 2012

The 2012 Pre-SPACE Party at Laughing Ogre Comic Shop

Michael Carroll

Bruce Chrislip defends democracy!

In the background: James Moore and Katie Valeska of 2 Headed Monster Comics.

In this pic (above): Ray Tomczak and also Canada Keck on the right.

Max (Blink) Ink
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Comics I've Read Recently, April 23rd, 2012


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