Sunday, August 12, 2012

PulpFest 2012 Day III

Jack Cullers, Barry Traylor, Mike Chomko and Ed Hulse host the 2012 PulpFest business meeting.

Jack and Sally Cullers receive the Rusty Hevelin Service Award

Anthony Tollin presents Altus Press' Matt Moring with the 2012 Munsey Award.

Mike Chomko presents Mark Schultz and Ruth and Jim Keegan to discuss a look at the history of the illustrated Conan.
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mikechomko said...

The presentation on the illustrated Conan by Jim and Ruth Keegan and Mark Schultz was universally described as one of the best ever at PulpFest (and pulp cons in general).

Michael N. said...

I agree, Mike. It was fascinating not only seeing the various interpretations of the character over the years and seeing Schultz and the Keegan's beautiful work but also hearing the bizarre art director horror stories.