Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nix Comics Quarterly 2012 Kickstarter Kickoff!

Nix Comics head honcho Ken Eppstein and cartoonist/musician comrade Bob Ray Starker valiantly manned the CCAD Mix Symposium pop up shop Friday through Sunday this weekend, selling books on behalf of cartoonists taking part in the Mix. These stalwart true believers in comics deserve a round of applause! Thanks, guys.

Speaking of Nix, the official Nix Kickstarter event is on! Click on over to Kickstarter and pledge some paper for six (that's right, six) new Nix titles scheduled for 2013, including Nix Comics Quarterly #5 (shown above), where I'll be returning drawing the vampire-wasting, rock 'n' rolling The Vicar!
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