Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lazarus Dept. Store 45 Cover Found!

Those who read my essay, "Not the Final Frontier", earlier this year will remember that I wrote of a mysterious 45 called "Lazarus Sampler" I owned while very young (you can see this same 45 modified on the inside front cover of The Signifiers #1).

Mystery solved! My friend Jeff has found another copy of the 45, this one with the picture sleeve shown above. The 45 was a promotional item for the sadly departed Lazarus Department Store in downtown Columbus, Ohio.

Here's a link to my original essay, published by David Thomas, principal clarinetist for the Columbus Symphony Orchestra on his blog, Buzzing Reed:

The 45 was purchased at Elizabeth Records in Clintonville, a record store I can personally recommend for their variety, eclectic stock and great prices! Check them out here:
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