Sunday, April 4, 2021

Recently Read: Astroman, Book Two: The Arsenal of Wonders, by Dwight R. Decker


Dwight R. Decker's sequel to Astroman Book One: The Secret Citadel is a little less than twice as long as its predecessor, and is expansive in scope, incorporating time and alternate universe travelling. Decker's loving homage to early '60s DC comics (particularly Superman) includes not only characters modeled on fictional characters in those comics, but characters modeled on the creators of the comics (in one clever conceit, the villain muses that a god he calls Mort may be guiding and thwarting people's lives). Decker keeps the rules of the worlds he's created consistent and logical, and plotlines suspenseful. While I would enjoy reading more of the protagonist Matt Dawson's adventures, the conclusion is satisfying, wanting nothing. If you've spent years reading DC comics and science fiction paperbacks circa the late '50s and early '60s, you'll find The Arsenal of Wonders a whimsical and endearing tribute to that pulp paper printed work

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