Monday, February 18, 2019

Recently Read: Through a Basement Window: The Collected Comix of Clark A. Dissmeyer, 1984-1986

A unique artifact of rare material, Through a Basement Window is a collection of cartoonist Clark A Dissmeyer's work from 1984-1986, compiled and introduced by fellow cartoonist Marc Myers, the collection nicely designed by publisher Richard Krauss. The stories were originally printed in very low print run minicomics and small press anthologies.

As the front cover art and the title of the book promises, this is dark work, both literally and figuratively, a noir world of isolation and fear. Emotional thoughts are extrapolated into stories of murder and mystery. The stark black and white art, thick with shadows and silhouettes, conveys a consistent and visionary feeling of paranoia and depression. Sadness and loneliness pervade.

At nearly 160 pages, Through a Basement Window's mood may require sporadic reading sessions. As a snapshot of a creative person's time, place and mood, though, it's a valuable document.
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Krauss said...

Thanks for reviewing this collection, MN!

Michael N. said...

You're welcome! You did a great job designing it, too.