Saturday, May 16, 2015

Car Problems, Starring the Gahanna, Ohio Tuffy

Since I had the intake manifold replaced on my Crown Vic by Tuffy last week, the car isn't running right. It low-level vibrates and shakes, especially when idling, and feels like it's fighting going forward when you step on the gas. It never did this before I picked up the car after the manifold was put on.

I took the car back to Tuffy, It was doing what I described when I brought it back into their parking lot and when I left, but when they took it out for a drive, they said they couldn't feel anything wrong. They said a computer scan reveals my air flow sensor needs replaced ($450).

The air flow sensor (if that's what's wrong) was working fine before they replaced the intake manifold. I suspect the manifold wasn't put on correctly. They say it was.

This is the Tuffy on Hamilton Rd. next to Gatsby's in Gahanna. ‪#‎carproblems‬ ‪#‎Tuffy‬
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