Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comic Book Collection Recently Read: The Superman Chronicles, Vol. 5

Reprinting all of the Superman stories from January through early May, 1941, the Chronicles series is a steal for the $14.99 cover price (which price would barely cover the shipping/insurance costs of ordering a low grade condition copy of the original comics).

Each volume of the Superman Chronicles necessarily retreats from the purity and charm of the original Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster comics. The demand by National for Superman material by 1941 was high and it took many hands to keep the pace. While without the airy simplicity of Shuster's art, cartoonist Jack Burnley's contributions are easy on the eye and Shuster was still contributing some pencils. The stories are fortunately still written by Siegel, so we still get to see the rambunctious, devil-may-care Superman, before he was neutered for many decades by his corporate taskmasters.

Order The Superman Chronicles, Vol. 5 here:
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