Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Inkwell Awards

I had the pleasure of meeting Bob Almond, founder/director of the Inkwell Awards, at this year's HeroesCon (also met there: Jimmy Tournas, fundraiser for the organization).

The Inkwell Awards are a non-profit organization who mission is to inform the comics community about the craft of inking and to grant recognition, through an election and awards, to under-appreciated inkers in the comics industry.

From the Inkwell Awards' brochure: "Honoring his superior, prolific inking work over the decades, as well as his genuine and chivalrous reputation, the core committee chose to name the Hall of Fame award after Joe Sinnott. Our Lifetime Achievement category describes the award as a Hall of Fame designation honoring an outstanding inking career covering a minimum of 25 years. Two artists are chosen each year. Besides Joe himself (2008), past recipients include Dick Giordano and Terry Austin (both 2009)."

Learn more about the Inkwell Awards, including news on inkers, an inkers' database and links to the Inkwell Awards' eBay shop:
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