Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Todd Rundgren's Arena Rock

Thanks to Nathan Smart ( and his lovely wife Meridith, who gave us free tickets to the show, Mary and I saw Todd Rundgren during his recent visit to these parts - fulfilling a 29-year dream for Mary,who missed seeing Rundgren in 1980.

It's doubtful whether Todd rocked as hard in 1980 as he did in this show; playing the entirety of his new, crowd-pleasing album Arena and a good dose of older material, Todd and his finely-tuned band created a barrage, a wall of melodic heavy metallic sound. Throughout the exhibition, the still-thin band leader performed physical sprints and leaps not usually witnessed on a man in his 60s.

Here are some photos from this amazing show:
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Bruce R said...

Glad to see that there are other fans of Todd still around! My favorite concert was around 1976. Utopia ended their tour in Allentown with an almost 3-1/2 hour show! 5 encores, and the last two they were all sticky from a pie fight at the end of the 3rd!