Friday, May 9, 2014

This Eternal Flaw Updates

If you've been waiting twenty years to read more This Eternal Flaw, you're in luck: the 4th chapter will be published in The Signifiers #3.

Here's some recently scanned art drawn in '94 for a future chapter.

Original hand-coloring for a This Eternal Flaw magnet, mid-'90s.

A new scan of the original art for This Eternal Flaw Chapter 3, "The Affair of the Mysterious Attic".

 The heading for the upcoming This Eternal Flaw Chapter 4.

 Unnamed villain created for This Eternal Flaw, Chapter 4.

Here's a new color scan of a panel of the original art for This Eternal Flaw Chapter One. It's some of the smallest art I've drawn for a series: 2" x 2 1/2" per panel. I had to enlarge the art twice up to publish it as a mini comic.

I don't remember if I ever intended it to be published to begin with. I do remember showing the just-drawn art to cartoonist Jason Marcy at a hotel party at ChicagoCon.

The art drawn for the upcoming fourth chapter will retain the size used for Chapters 2 and 3: 2 7/8" x 3 3/4"; still much smaller than most published artwork.

 A new scan of my original hand coloring for the This Eternal Flaw mini comic, issue #2.

Sneak preview panel from This Eternal Flaw Chapter 4. I'm penciling the art on the Bristol Board I was originally going to use in the early '90s. It has a lot of texture to it, more than any other Bristol Board I've bought since.
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Javier Hernandez said...

Wonderful news! Some great imagination going on here. I like when projects stretch out over years like this.... Like it's something the artist cannot give up, even if it's put on the back burner for years at a time.

Michael N. said...

Thanks, Javier! It's an odd feeling to turn around and think, "Where did the last twenty years go?".