Friday, December 16, 2011

Kewpee Hamburgers: I Want Some

Above: the oddest hamburger wrapper you've ever seen. The cashier at one of the Kewpee Hamburger locations in Lima, Ohio, obligingly gave me an unused one to save for posterity .

Kewpee hamburgers are delicious (especially with olives), inexpensive and have been around since 1923. They were a big inspiration for Dave Thomas' Wendy's business model (he grew up around the corner from a Kewpee), including the small sides of chili and chocolate frosties that Kewpee put out first. The naked kewpee dolls lit up like hollywood celebrities on the outside of the buildings, though, give the eating experience an ambience you just don't get at Wendy's.

 I need to get back to Lima, quick.

Read about Kewpee Hamburgers in Lima here:

Read about the history of Kewpee Hamburgers here:

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