Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Very First Comic Book

Was this early '60s Dell comic by Katy Keene creator Bill Woggon the first comic book I owned? It's the earliest I remember reading, earlier even than the Tintin graphic novel I read when I was five or six.

I found this copy at World's Greatest Comics in Westerville: As soon as I opened the book, all the images looked as familiar as if I had just read the book yesterday.
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Javier Hernandez said...

It's always great to rediscover that 'first comic' one ever read!

What's interesting is that of course you get that wave of wonderful nostalgia, but think about it: It also is a very significant keystone in your life to what you are doing today! That's what I always find amazing. How one little comic puts us on that road to reader, collector, fan and eventually creator.

Oh, and Happy belated Birthday!

Michael N. said...

Thanks, Javier! Reading my first Kirby comic, years later, was the next cosmic step. What's the first comic book you remember reading (or looking at if you couldn't yet read)?