Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tor Wants You!

My good friend Verl Holt Bond penciled this tribute to Joe Kubert's character and I tried my hand at inking it.
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owen thomas said...

wow. you guys nailed it.
this is a darn good drawing
all by itself... but moreover
it *looks like kubert*.

now that i think of it.
i quite enjoy m. neno's
unashamed kirby-tribute
style (and, what's more,
the loud-and-clear echoes
of kirby's jimmy-olsen moment)...
but... now that i think of it...
steranko & (windsor-)smith
& that "myth of 8-opus" cat
and many many others besides
neno have openly sat at the
feet of this particular master.
and even *i*... who "can't draw"...
have proudly stolen (mostly
in my childhood & youth when
i was less self-conscious about
that kinda thing) from eisner
(letters that look like buildings!)
and kurtzman (scribble an outline
and *publish*! or get inked by
elder so carefully it'll make a kid
look at _little_annie_fanny_ first
... never mind the goddess-of-
-the-month. & all those _mad_
reprints & i didn't even know it
was the same guy... just knew
it was *great* and that the
grownups were the ones missing
out)... and obviously kirby
(hulk *smash*!).

the thing is. *everybody* steals
from these guys...
wow. flashback moment.
these grafitti kids. bode.
boy he was great...
but what's up with joe kubert?
evidently he's got a kid somewhere
(cf mark bode) with some chops
but for hecksake. kubert was
*kubert* for hecksake and deserves
just as many clones as the next

probably i'm just revealing my ignorance
here but whoa. _letters_from_sarejevo_
was one of those rare "show it proudly
to people that don't even know they
like comics" things (and also way better
than friggin _maus_ which don't get me
wrong was a masterpiece). where's
the love? this guy was one of a kind.

gee i like typing. thanks for the post.

Michael N. said...

Most of the guys you mentioned considered themselves only hired craftsmen who churned out work to pay the bills. But, their work endures. And we all need to pay the bills. Now it's our time to create the work that endures.

Glad you like the drawing!