Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Prolific Mr. Steve Ditko

Above: a package of ten new Steve Ditko comics books I received in the mail recently from his co-publisher, Robin Snyder.

Ditko has been writing, drawing and self-publishing comic books at a fast and furious rate, showing more commitment to the form than many cartoonists a fourth of his age (Ditko's 83 years of age). These ten books have all been published since 2008.

Mr. Ditko's graphic design sense is still tops, as is his ability to tell gripping, philosophically challenging stories.

Click here for info on ordering Steve's books through the mail: http://ditko.blogspot.com/p/ditko-book-in-print.html
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Javier Hernandez said...


I almost envy you! Getting Steve Ditko's last 2 years worth of new comics, all in one big gulp.

My favorite new character of his is Miss Eerie. "The !?" takes the cake as the coolest name for a superhero.

I've written about these new books in a recent DITKOMANIA. Basically it's an appreciation of the spartan design of the books (which in itself is a design choice!) which helps emphasize the pure storytelling aspect of the actual comics.

Good stuff there, sir. Hope you enjoy them as you sit in your favorite reading chair!

Michael N. said...

Thanks, Javier. It is a lot to take in. I miss the days of Ditko's longer, more ambitious stories, but his B&W graphic design is as strong as ever!

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