Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pics from the June 19th James Thurber Cartoon Carnival Exhibit at Wild Goose Creative

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Classic Films Seen at the Wexner Center at OSU

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Some of the Beautiful Condition '50s 45s I'll Be Selling at the Nix Arcane Media Fair 2014

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NenoWorld Convention Schedule Winter 2014

Winter's coming - that means it's time for con appearances! We'll be set up at the following shows (so far):

Arcane Media Fair - Ace of Cups, in C-Bus, December 13
ICE (Independent Creators Expo) - Wright State University Student Union Hall in 

          Dayton - January 24th
Gen City Con - Wright State University Nutter Center in Dayton - March 28th and 29th
SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) - Ramada Plaza Hotel in  C-Bus, 

          April 11 and 12th

I'll also be attending (but not set up) Jeff Harper's Buckeye Con in C-Bus on November 23rd, with my print portfolio and The Signifiers comics in tow.

Comic and record shop owners take note: I am available for in-store signings.

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Nix Comics Arcane Media Fair 2014

The poster I drew and colored for this year's Nix Comics Arcane Media Fair! We'll be there with much arcane goodness to sell, including comics, 45s, books, posters, CDs and more, more, more! Check out the complete list of retailers here:
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Pee-Wee Unzipped!

Thanks to Gretchen Donaldson for the copy of this July, 1999 paper.
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Juicy Fruit Gum Is a Healthful Treat!

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