Monday, September 1, 2014

Recently Read: The Weinland Park Story Book

I was honored to be asked by Jean Pitman, Educator for Youth Programs at the OSU Wexner Center, and cartoonist Julian Dassai, to draw two stories for this joint project between OSU and community leaders at nearby Weinland Park.

The stories told are those written and experienced by the residents of Weinland Park. I can't detail the variety of stories here, but it's an inclusive and wide one. The book needs to be read and can be here, online, for free:

One new, young artist whose work I was unfamiliar with stood out and begs to be mentioned. Unfortunately, I don't know his last name; he signed his name as Timmy. The work shows a sharp and effective understanding of sequential storytelling, and I'm looking forward to seeing more work by this mystery cartoonist.

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Paint Your Car With Wype

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Recently Read: Do Not Sell at Any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World's Rarest 78 RPM Records

Do Not Sell At Any Price: The Wild, Obsessive Hunt for the World's Rarest 78rpm Records is a mixed bag, but essential reading for record collectors and those interested in the history and evolution of the recording, preservation, cataloging and categorizing of what we now call "roots music".

Petrusich brings an outsider approach to the subject and interviews most of the important living 78 collectors and historians: John Tefteller, Joe Bussard, John Heneghan, Chris King and others. It's a partly autobiographical book which encompasses Petrusich's musical-listening history, her gradual interest in the 78 collecting community, asides on the history of specific labels, artists, collectors and magazines, and even a part silly, part adventurous dive into a river looking for tossed Paramounts.

Do Not Sell At Any Price is compelling stuff, especially when it takes the reader places they're not likely to be able to go (Bussard's basement, for example). Petrusich unfortunately brings a patronizing tone to the enterprise, judging and cataloging the collectors like they're specimens in a zoo; by the end of the book, she's devoting half a chapter to the possibility that hard core record collectors are mentally ill, for the spurious reason that many of them are eccentric. Hey, everyone is eccentric in their own way. If a man infiltrated and reported on a female subculture the way Petrusich does here, he'd be raked over online coals.

Speaking of which, the lack of in-depth reviews of this book online speaks to the current state of literary criticism. The top review in a Google search is a pathetic little toss-off from Entertainment Weekly which states Petrusich's writing about men who collect "vinyls". I doubt if the reviewer read the book, which makes clear 78s are made of shellac.
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

My New Resume

You can check it out in more detail here. Feel free to share it with clients looking for a freelance artist!
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Lettered for Verl Bond's New Graphic Novel, The Witches of Dunforge

I'm about a fourth of the way done lettering it.
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No Autographs, Please

A cosplayer, from my web comic, The Emotionists:
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Coloring a Renegade Cover, Penciled by Sterling Clark, Inked by Sal Buscema

Received in the mail this week from cartoonist Sterling Clark: a Renegade cover I'll be coloring, penciled by Sterling and inked by the legendary Sal Buscema! This'll be published by Big Bang comics and distributed through Diamond. More details soon.
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