Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gem City 2014 Pics

Our new table banner, starring characters from The Signifiers and beyond.

We were also selling books published by Nix Comics, Caliber, Airship 27, Verl Holt Bond, Moosepath Press and Enter Pelonius.

A Signifiers shirt, starring "Puffy".

Original Nix Comics art and an evil cat painting, for sale here:

Our talented friend, colleague and con neighbor Sterling Clark. Watch for some new Clark/Neno collaborations in 2014.

Cosplayers Echo Endless and Teeny Foxx had some of the best costumes, working with artist Brian Latimer.

Cartoonist Martin Hirchak, who who had an awesome display of cover prints.

 Cartoonist Kel Crum, signing his latest comic. Very funny stuff!

I want a Dalek Mr. Potato head!

Thanks to Jesse Noble for putting on a great show!
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