Thursday, February 27, 2014

Artifacts from the Columbus, Ohio Stop of the 1995 Spirits of Independents Tour, featuring Dave Sim, Paul Pope and Steve Bissette

Spirits of Independents was one of the few (perhaps the first?) indie comics con held in Columbus before the founding of SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo). I remember Dave Sim, who helped coordinate the show with Bob Corby, graciously treated many of the cartoonists involved to a Damon's Ribs dinner afterwards.

For a better look at the Dave Sim and Dan Zelig letters, click here:

Diamond, of course, no longer distributes comics from Columbus.

I very much miss Joe Zabel's contributions to the cartooning arts. His self-published comic books of the '90s were some of my favorites. He's a great guy and a major talent.

The info on my old business card above is long out of date, natch.

Max Ink is still quite busy cartooning, primarily with his Columbus-based series Blink:

Tyim Courts is still active as a designer:
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p0w said...

Attendance was 186 paying people. I worked the front door for Central City Comics who was the retailing partner.

It seemed really funny that the attendance figure matched the infamous issue #186.

Michael N. said...

Maybe Dave planned it that way!

Steve Harold said...

This is Steve Harold. you have me listed on your blog here talking about the Spirit of Independence Columbus show 1995. I have been asked to write something about the Spirit of Independence tour since I ran the ICE show in Chicago that year. I want to start with comments about the Ohio show because it was such a great show and the tour really took off at this point. Could I possibility use some of the poster and ticket images you have here for my write up at MoC site? I will glady give you the credit as the source and plug your site as well. please let me know.
Thanks again.