Monday, June 10, 2013

My New Book: Creating Old School Comics - The Tips, Tools and Tricks You Need For Pre-Digital Cartooning

My new (and first) PDF e-book is finished and ready for downloading and it's only $5!
Creating Old School Comics: the Tips, Tools and Tricks You Need for Pre-Digital Cartooning covers everything you'll need in case Abrams' Revolution comes true and Cintiqs stop working. I cover hand lettering, inking techniques, the best brands of ink and paper to buy and more. Creating Old School Comics is 72 pages packed with art examples, photos and links. You can order it right here on the right side of your screen! Handy.

If you purchase a copy, please send me your feedback. If I revise the book the upgraded version will be sent to purchasers of the book for free!
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