Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pics from the 2011 Lake Effect Comic Con

The view from the table.

A wonderland of candy.

Chris Lambert and David Russell, writing and drawing The Vampire Gazette.

 Gentleman Mike Gustovich, kindly autographing a Fantastic Four annual he'd illustrated.

What's a con without Steampunk?

The costume contest. Mary took this pic.

Pete Cooper, currently illustrating a Rook graphic novel.

Creators Aubrey Fisher and Craig Tucker.

Gary Dumm and Joe of Hoohah! Collectibles study some old, cool cartooning. Joe always brings the pulp mags to cons. That makes me happy.

Some of Joe's wares. Me want the Patsy Walker comic in the second row.

Bernie Crowsheet and son. Guess who won the Children's Division costume prize?

Thanks to John Haines and all Comics and Friends workers for putting on a fun show!

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