Friday, February 18, 2011

Neno Guests on The Buzzing Reed

I met David H. Thomas, the principle clarinetist of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, on Twitter, where we've exchanged, with other kindred souls, thoughts on the state of classical music composition and performance. In addition to his exceptional talent as a musician, David's working, in many ways, to break down barriers between classical musicians and music listeners.

After asking me to design artwork for his upcoming new website (more info later), David also very kindly asked if I would consider writing an essay on music for his superb blog, The Buzzing Reed.

I did and the results have been posted, liberally illustrated with photographs. You can read the results here:

Please post comments there if you have any thoughts on what I've written. And, thank you very much, David, for allowing me space for my esoteric thoughts.
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DTclarinet said...

Hey Michael, just catching up and saw you linked to me. Thanks. Since your post is timeless, I'll be plugging it over time to see if anyone else has a story to share in the comments.