Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mighty Mort Meskin

Who knows what Mort Meskin's last comic book work was?

A story I ran across in a 1964 issue of DC's Strange Adventures #169 may have been his last - a year later Meskin became an advertising director and commercial

Meskin, who worked out of the Caniff/Kirby school, was
capable of some of the most delicate linework I've seen; some of his romance covers from the '50s are so beautifully drawn they'll make you weep. This mid-'60s story, however, has the (I hate to use the word) sloppiest work I've seen by Meskin. It's apparent he was ready to chuck comics soon.

Even this story has many glimpses of exceptional expressiveness which shine through, though, such as this background policeman's face. Notice it's nearly all drawn with a line the same width, maybe even a marker instead of a brush. Yet, it works.
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