Sunday, May 22, 2016

Read Recently: The Digest Enthusiast, Book III

Full disclosure: as with the first two volumes of The Digest Enthusiast, I illustrated a short story for this collection. But - don't let that stop you. If you collect, read or enjoy digest magazines, this is the series for you. Vol. III features a review of the Dope Fiends trading cards, a review of a Walter B. Gibson (The Shadow) novel, an overview of the Super-Science Fiction magazine line, a very detailed history of Mercury Books' Dashiell Hammett digests and, particularly fascinating, a look at the Italian Diabolik series. Plus, fiction, cartoons, many more reviews, an interview and the proverbial more, all edited by publisher Richard Krauss. Recommended and, at only $8.99, a steal! Vol. Four is also scheduled for release soon:
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