Monday, September 1, 2014

Recently Read: The Weinland Park Story Book

I was honored to be asked by Jean Pitman, Educator for Youth Programs at the OSU Wexner Center, and cartoonist Julian Dassai, to draw two stories for this joint project between OSU and community leaders at nearby Weinland Park.

The stories told are those written and experienced by the residents of Weinland Park. I can't detail the variety of stories here, but it's an inclusive and wide one. The book needs to be read and can be here, online, for free:

One new, young artist whose work I was unfamiliar with stood out and begs to be mentioned. Unfortunately, I don't know his last name; he signed his name as Timmy. The work shows a sharp and effective understanding of sequential storytelling, and I'm looking forward to seeing more work by this mystery cartoonist.

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