Saturday, September 13, 2014

Recently Read: Hip Hop Family Tree, Vol. I, by Ed Pisker

Author and cartoonist Ed Pisker does an admirable and passionate job telling the complex and overlapping stories of the early days of hip hop. He uses a classic retro art style and coloring, appropriately reminiscent of comic books published in the late '70s when this music was first being developed.

Although I knew most of the stories told in the book, from much of the same sources Pisker used for his research, he puts it all together in a fun and readable form, with the skill of a master DJ honing in on the breakbeats. The book, the first of a series, covers the '70s to 1981.

The large collection is complemented by old school pinups by the likes of Tom Scioli and John (King Kat) Porcellino. I'm looking forward to Vol. II.
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