Thursday, August 14, 2014

Small Press Comics and Fanzines I've Read Recently, August 13, 2014

Copy This! is a small press news zine published by D. Blake Werts. It's being released on a rapid schedule and each issue is packed with interviews, essays, news and, in some issues, even con reports. Plus, free inserts in some of the issues. I also illustrated the cover for #3. Highly recommended and, if you're a small press publisher and contribute info to the zine, free! Copies can also be purchased. Contact info: or D.Blake Werts, 12339 Chesley Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277.

Rick Brooks' Mr. Morris is pure comic strip fun and highly recommended. You can read the strip online at GoComics: and learn more about one of my favorite cartoonists here:

I'm not sure what Scott Mills is drawing these days. I've enjoyed everything I've read by him. Scott, feel free to comment here and update us!
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