Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lot of 16 Sci-fi Digest Mags from 1952 - 1979, from the Neno Archives: $35 PPD.

PayPal accepted! Conditions range from Fair (reading copy) to Very Fine. Average condition: Good+. Authors include Asimov, Clarke, Farmer, Edmund Hamilton, Poul Anderson, Larry Niven, Ben Bova, and much more.

Illustrators include Virgil Finlay, Kaluta, Dan Adkins, many more.

Books include:
Analog - Sept., 1970 (Cover worn/Good); July 1976 (Cover worn/Good)

Fantastic - Dec. 1968 (Good)

Galaxy - May, 1972 (Good); Sept., 1972 (Fine); Nov., 1973 (Fine); Dec., 1973 (tape across cover/reading copy); Sept., 1974 (Good); Nov. , 1974 (Very Fine); Sept., 1975 (Good); Sept./Oct. 1979 (small tear in cover/Fair)

Other Worlds - Aug., 1952 (two copies) (Good)

Science Fiction Adventures Yearbook 1970 (Fine)

Space Adventures - 1970, Spring (Very Fine)

Thrilling Science Fiction - April, 1974/All Virgil Finlay issue (Fair)
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