Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Calling Ohio Cartoonists - Sunday Comix Meets This Week...

...from 3-5 at Wild Goose Creative, on Sunday, May 18th.

In the words of Max Ink (or maybe Canada Keck): If you're a comics-creating type of person, or simply a lover of graphic novels, comic books & comic strips, please join us for our monthly meeting at WILD GOOSE CREATIVE!

If you're an artsy-drawer type, go ahead and bring your doodles, comics-in-progress or your finished works of art and story to share and get feedback on! And if you don't have anything to share, no worries-- your opinion counts. Everyone's encouraged to share their ideas and viewpoints here.

And bring some pencils (and erasers) and pens so you can contribute to a Sunday Comix Jam Comic!
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