Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pics from the Indie Comics Fair 2013 at Ace of Cups

 Cartoonist Molly Durst.

 Show organizer and Nix Comics publisher Ken Eppstein.

 Ohio Chronicles publisher Lee Smith.

 The Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo is only two weeks away!

2 Headed Monster Comics!

Cartoonist Katie Valeska has a young fan.

 Cartoonist and poster designer Matt Wyatt.

 Cartoonist and publisher Victor Dandridge.

 Cartoonist Ray Tomczak.

Canada Keck, organizer of the upcoming Panels in Pink exhibit at Wild Goose Creative. More details soon.

SPACE head honcho Bob Corby and cartoonist Michael Carroll.

 Neno posters 'n' comics.

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