Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thelonious Monk Comes Back to the Airwaves

Columbus, Ohio has some jazz broadcasting again - real jazz, not watered-down, wishy-washy, Kenny G-ish, non-swinging, non-jazz.

Jazz 102.1 WCRXLP is now broadcasting to the Bexley and Columbus, Ohio area.

From their website: "Jazz music programming dominates our music format, enhancing our local community programming that is second to none and includes local news, community and government affairs programming, including a gardening program called "The Noontime Gardener", Sports Talk Show, a Wall Street update program, a "consumer price index feature", a jazz and classic R&B show that also features music from local musicians called "Mid Afternoon Music Showcase", two Saturday entertainment programs, one called "Take Your Places!", another called "Fun with Phoetics", classic jazz shows on Saturdays and Sundays, called "Jazz Overdue" and "The Captain's Quarters", and a special live music remote entertainment show on Saturday afternoon called "Sax's Live Music Showcase", plus local business news and financial market reports."

Check out their site here:

And, a Columbus Dispatch article about the station here:

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