Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Modern Movie Poster Design Part II

A few weeks ago, I posted some examples of the limited color palette - and limited aesthetic imagination - used in modern movie poster design.

Here's another example: romantic comedy posters from the last several years. Notice the common, cliched, design element employed in every example. Romantic comedy posters from fifty years ago were much more imaginative.

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Erik Johnson said...

Oh Don't get me started on movie posters. I get enough of that when I go to the theater all see a bunch of black posters with the number "2" or "3" printed on them like I'm supposed to know what sequel its advertising! Superhero movies usually just get a logo and a release date and thats it.

Rom-Coms like these not only had better posters back when, they also had better names. A movie like "When Harry Met Sally" lets me know what actually happens in the movie. What happens in a movie with a non committing title like "How Do You Know" (No Question Mark) or "Love Happens"? I have no idea.

Michael N. said...

I guess we get what we deserve. There's no imperative to design better movie posters if the ones they're designing are bringing audiences in. But - are they? Could more intriguing, beautiful or visually arresting posters generate more interest? I'd like to see Hollywood try.

John Warren said...

How about showing some examples of the posters you say are better and explaining why they are better?