Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Small Press Cartoonists Reunion at SPACE 2011

When small press cartoonist and historian Bruce Chrislip told me he was bringing the legendary Steve Willis to the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo this year for the first time, I searched for some of Steve's Morty the Dog comics - which turned out to be in storage and inaccessible.

I did find a 1989 copy of Wade Busby and Ed Vick 's historic Comics Fandom Examiner, a major outlet for small press cartoonist news, reviews and networking in the pre-internet days. Glancing through the issue of Comics F/X at SPACE, I realized several cartoonists therein were present at the con and so set out to get autographs for the zine.

Here're the Hancocks I snagged:

Steve (Morty the Dog) Willis

Colin (Buddha on the Road) Upton

Matt (Antisocialman) Feazell

Larry (Nightstar) Blake

Bruce (City Limits Comix) Chrislip
Tim (Fred and Marvin) Corrigan

Space pics to be posted soon.
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Steve said...

What a great snapshot in elastic time. Thanks for asking me to sign this and I enjoyed meeting both Nenos! It was terrific to be in such good company and I appreciated the fact SPACE 2011 had such a diverse mix in ages. Just shows how universal the creative impulse can be. -- SW

Michael N. said...

We were so glad to have you there, Steve! The amount of talent at the show is amazing. I come away every year inspired and invigorated.