Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Artists Photo Gallery from the 2011 Art Explorer 407/Hilliard Chili Cook-Off

Artists Alley.

The work of Taylor Hicks. Check out his art blog at: http://www.penciljet.blogspot.com/

Mr. Hicks Senior, also amazingly talented, takes the chili taste test.

Cartoonist Michael Carroll, wasting no time. Check out some of his webcomics here: http://www.webcomicsnation.com/carrolltoons/

Professor Ron Tardino and Michael Carroll.

Student art for sale.

The work of the multi-talented Hillary Misner. Her site is at: http://ccad.digication.com/HMisner/Welcome

SPACE tent-master Bob Corby. Check out his comics and learn more about SPACE at: http://www.backporchcomics.com/

Alex Heberling and her table full of fun art. Read her new webcomic, Alex's Guide to a Life Well Lived at: http://www.alexsguide.net/

Purchasing raffle tickets.

Pirate sighted!!

The fashion show.

Ron Tardino gets drawn.

Caricatures were drawn for any who wanted one!
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