Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jersey Gods: the Best New Comic Book Series of 2009

That's right, I said the best. Who are Glen Brunswick and Dan McDaid? I'd never heard of them before picking Jersey Gods off the shelf for the title alone and the classic, Silver Age vibe it projected. Now I know: these guys are the bomb.

Brunswick, in two short issues, has created not one but three worlds, each with their own unique environment and array of sharply defined characters. The operative word here is fun - and good-natured suspense. This was like reading a 1965 Thor in 1965 for the first time: fresh, and exciting.

McDaid brings it all home with a classic style forged from the fires of Kirby, Frank Robbins, and Alex Toth, with the quicky, juicy inklines and spontaneity those gents' work conjures in the mind. I'm a Dan McDaid fan for life now.

With a Mike Allred cover for the first issue, a Darwyn Cooke cover for the second issue, and a Paul Pope cover for the third, Jersey Gods is essential reading. A backup series by Mark Waid seals whatever deal you weren't going for.

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